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Best Lawyers in Las Vegas

When you are in need of a lawyer, you want the best one possible. There are many different lawyers in Las Vegas, but a few stand out among the rest. If you are a criminal, you will want to consider hiring the Draskovich Law Group. This law firm specializes in criminal defense. It has handled several cases that have attracted national attention. Because of their experience, they are more likely to do the right thing for you.

If you have been charged with a crime, you may be feeling confused and overwhelmed. You may be tempted to listen to the government or law enforcement. However, you should not leave your freedom and criminal record to guesswork. It’s in your best interest to hire a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. These attorneys know the law and can get the best result for their clients. Choosing a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney can help you avoid a costly jail sentence and a criminal record.

Many of these Las Vegas attorneys are recognized in prestigious lists. For example, Todd L. Bice was selected for his outstanding work in bet-the-company litigation, commercial litigation, First Amendment law, land use and zoning, and appellate practice. Debra Spinelli has been recognized in Best Lawyers for nine years in construction litigation and health care litigation. A listing in Best Lawyers is a sign of quality, and you will want to contact them if you’re looking for a good Las Vegas lawyer.

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