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Best Options For a First Time Assault Charge in Canada

Are you facing a first-time assault charge? If so, you should know that you have many options for beating your charges. Fortunately, there are lawyers who can help you fight this charge and beat the consequences. The following are some of the best options for a first-time assault charge in Canada. Keep reading to learn more about each option. If you have been charged with an assault, a suspended sentence may be an option. This means that you will avoid jail time while the case is being processed.

The most basic assault charge in Canada is simple assault, also known as common assault. This charge covers any physical squabble between two people, and includes attempted and threatened assaults. Simple assault cases are usually treated as summary convictions and rarely involve jail time, unless the victim suffers a permanent disability, but more serious charges may result in a more serious charge. You may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of up to one year, depending on the severity of the assault.

In addition to a basic assault charge, there are many types of charges that fall under this category. Depending on the circumstances, an assault charge in Canada can range from a small shove to a full-blown brawl. In most cases, the accused is charged based on their intent to do a certain act without consent. If you think you have been framed for an assault, contact a lawyer to discuss your case.

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