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Do Automotive Engineers Make Good Money?

The good news is that salaries and employment prospects for automotive engineers have improved in recent years. According to the 2012 SAE International Salary Study, the average annual salary for an automotive engineer was $103,400. However, this figure may not be representative of the full compensation package for an Automotive Engineer. You should consider the state in which you plan to work, since some states have much higher salaries than others. You should also consider the number of people employed in your field.

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In the United States, automotive engineers make an average of $99,860 annually, or $48 per hour. Their average total cash compensation was $77,500 in 2012. These figures are based on the most recent data from the BLS, which shows that wages for this profession vary by location. Mobility engineers who are located in Japan, Canada, and Germany earn the highest salaries on average. The salary range for Automotive Engineers in the United States is $105 per hour, or $548,000 per year. is a social network for food lovers. Find new recipes, follow friends, and discover amazing food. is a website dedicated to helping musicians sell their music. You can upload your songs here and start earning money right away!

The median salary for Automotive Engineers varies based on education and experience. For example, Hispanic or Latino employees earn more than their white counterparts, who earn an average of $69,992 annually. However, if you are interested in earning more than the national average, you may want to consider working in San Francisco. There are many companies in the city looking for Automotive Engineers, and the cost of living is much lower than in other parts of the country.

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The average salary for Automotive Engineers in the US is $91,491. Bonuses are common for Automotive Engineering professionals. A bonus of $3,539 is common, and 100% of Automotive Engineers report receiving bonuses. The average total compensation for Automotive Designers in San Francisco is $136,578. This is 49% higher than the US average. For an average Automotive Engineer, the salary ranges from $16,747 to $447,670. However, the median annual wage for a Mobility Engineer in the US is $81,987. This makes them the highest paid engineers in the world.

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The salaries of Automotive Engineers depend on their education and experience. On the lower end, they make an average of $55,000. On the higher end, they can earn an average of $92,060. Their wages are also highly competitive. For example, in the Los Angeles area, an average of $58,000 per year can be earned as an Automotive Engineer. The wages of Automotive Designers in California are higher than those in the U.S.

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The BLS projects that the average salary for an Automotive Engineer will increase by 4 percent between 2014 and 2028. This is lower than the average for all other occupations, but it still represents a healthy income for a career in this field. Aside from a high salary, the job description is crucial, as salaries vary widely by city. A degree in a particular field will open up many options for you in terms of where you can work.

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