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Eugenia Kim Headband

Eugenia Kim is an American first-generation Korean designer known for her fashionable handcrafted hats. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kim aspired to become a doctor like her father. After sustaining a broken back at Dartmouth College, she decided against pursuing medicine. Instead, she moved to New York and began working as an assistant for Allure Magazine. At the same time, she took hat-making classes at Parsons School of Design. Today, Eugenia Kim has a variety of hat styles available for women.

A recurrent theme throughout the Eugenia Kim headband collection is color. This headband features bright sequins, beaded lace, and grosgrain ribbon lining. Eugenia Kim started her brand in 1998 when she created a bold feathered cloche to use as a disguise. After designing the cloche for herself, boutiques in her neighborhood in downtown New York City noticed her creation. Soon after, Barneys New York placed the first order. The rest is history.

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