Forehead and hairline surgery

Hairline surgery to create an ideal face shape The ideal face shape for a woman is an oval face or an oval face. The hairline has a rounded shape. But each person’s hair style and style are different. Like we have different faces If anything, I don’t accept my face. too round or too square It will make the face look blurry or not beautiful as well.

The thing that solves this problem is hairline surgery!!

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Hairline surgery is a hair transplant in the hairline area for people with beautiful hairline to look more beautiful. Especially those who have a very wide forehead and do not fit the face as a whole. Which makes it look old-fashioned and strange, sometimes it can also be mistaken for a head-turner despite being a woman. The solution can be done by growing hair around the hairline or creating a new hairline naturally. Hair transplants not only create new hair mites, which narrow the forehead. but can also create a hairline that is suitable for the face shape as well By focusing on the effect of beauty over Unlike hair transplants to treat baldness

The mites are planted using local anesthesia. The surgery took 3-4 hours and you were able to go home within the day. and cutting stitches 10-14 days after surgery

Our faces are both flat and dimensional.

What affects the flatness or dimension of the face is the hairline on the forehead and the curve of the forehead. The hairline on the forehead must be soft and rounded. The forehead is wide, rounded and well embossed. look like this Therefore, it will make you look young and charming even at an old age.

Forehead surgery is suitable for people with wide and flat foreheads. No one has ever seen that This will help you look 5 times younger.

Naturally beautiful forehead like Yoo Jin.

If you want to have a naturally beautiful round forehead like Yoo Jin. The fat grafting method is also suitable for you because the fat grafting takes a short recovery time and the swelling disappears quickly. which is the best advantage of this But the fat will be absorbed by the body a lot. Fat cells therefore heal with less tissue. Therefore, a second injection may be required.

Forehead has a cheeky volume.

If you want to have a bulging forehead with volume like Jeondo Yeon. should use artificial organ augmentation surgery Silicone forehead augmentation specially created for forehead surgery. This will make your forehead look like Cheondo Yeon.

Prostheses for forehead augmentation are made to order. can order silicone according to the desired shape

The surgery requires general anesthesia. And will make a small incision on the scalp above the forehead 3-4 cm long after the surgery, so almost no scars are left. no side effects And it’s a hassle-free surgery. If you don’t like it, the prosthesis can be removed. Forehead will return to the same. Therefore, it is a surgery that does not require much concern.

What are hair surgeries?

hair follicle transplant

Hair transplant will use the hair in the occipital area that rarely falls off to be planted around the hairline. It can also grow crown hair/hairs, eyebrows, mustaches, sideburns, back hairs, etc. This is the most effective treatment for baldness. Hair grafting is not about adding hair to areas where hair is thinning. but to create a new hairline for beauty therefore requires a surgeon who specializes in both hair transplantation and beauty.

Three-dimensional hair transplant

Most people think that hair transplants are usually done only in the front where the eyes can see. But the right way is to create a hairline that looks dimensional from all angles. whether looking from the front left or right side The hair transplant must be designed in the hairline that suits the patient the most. taking into account the shape of the face Appearance, color and thickness of hair as well as the overall proportion to make the patient satisfied with the results Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a specialist surgeon and to examine the correct diagnosis before surgery.

Each type of hair transplant

hair collection

Non-surgical (FUE) uses an Auto-Direct machine or collects hair in a Manual Punch style without having to surgically scar on the back of the head. and hair follicles are less damaged

Non-surgical hair removal (FUE) removes the best hair. By using an automatic tool that determines the depth of penetration according to the position and condition of the patient’s scalp. Hair cell tissue attached to the hair follicle has the same volume as surgical hair removal.

FUE hair removal penetrates into the scalp 0.8 mm wide, so the hair follicle cells are not damaged and are collected for use.


  1. Collect the hair by using the AUTO-DIRECT machine.
  2. Keep the hair
  3. Hair transplant

Surgical (FUSS or FUT)

Use a method to cut the scalp around the occipital area into a wedge shape. Then the stitches were closed, leaving a long, slender wound. Therefore, there are disadvantages to leaving scars at the nape of the neck. But if surgery from a surgeon Expert and very experienced The scar will be very small.

The area where the scalp was cut is sewn together. When the hair grows back, the scar is almost invisible.


  1. Cut the scalp around the occipital area into strips.
  2. Sew the scalp together.
  3. Cut the cut off the scalp.
  4. Gently separate the hair roots using a microscope.

The size of the scalp that is cut depends on the size of the area to be transplanted to the hairline.

hair transplant

No Touch Technique

Use a drill device to collect the hair roots and transfer them to implant the hair roots into it. This method is fast and does not bleed.


  1. Drill a hole
  2. Use the device to pierce the hair roots up.
  3. bury the hair roots

Dense layering SLIT

The round hair follicle extractor has the disadvantage that the hair root is not dense enough. But nowadays the drill bit is smaller and sharper, more durable. Because it is specially produced for growing hair by hand firmly.

There are 2 methods which are basic hair rooting method VS thick hair rooting method.

Who is hairline surgery suitable for?

A person with a forehead is characterized by the letter M (M), a person with a broad forehead, a person with a square forehead looks older. A man with a square forehead is like a man who wants to make a hairline to match their face shape. However, you must know the characteristics of your forehead before having surgery.


The forehead and between the eyebrows are the most prone to wrinkles. People who frown or squint frequently There are often wrinkles in the area. Solved by massage to relax the muscles in this area. Stimulating muscles can help loosen wrinkles.

Massage the forehead up and down vertically to loosen horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. and use fingertips to massage from between the eyebrows to the tail of the eyebrows 10 times

Using an egg yolk face mask can help prevent forehead wrinkles. Because the lecithin in the yolk helps restore skin cells. Prevent wrinkles and rough skin. Should be done once a week by mixing 1 egg yolk with 1 tablespoon of wheat flour and 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply all over the face, leave it for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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