How Powerful Are Smartphones Compared to Older Computers?

Today’s smartphones can perform calculations faster than some supercomputers that took up thousands of square feet of floor space. The latest models can handle tasks up to 512GB, which is the equivalent of about seven million megabytes. That’s an astounding amount of memory. And while some of today’s phones are slower than the computers that sent the Apollo astronauts to the moon, even their basic functions are far better than the supercomputers of yesterday.

In 1994, the hottest supercomputer was the Intel Paragon XP/S 140. It had a benchmark speed of 143.4 gigaflops, or billions of floating point operations per second. This is more than twice the speed of the latest phone. The iPhone 5S is capable of handling 76.8 gigaflops, which is nearly as fast as a supercomputer of that year.

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In the same year that humans first stepped on the Moon, a computer was critical to the mission. Although NASA’s systems were primitive, they guided the astronauts across 356,000 kilometers of space. Today’s smartphones, for example, are more powerful than the first computers in the 1960s. Even a pocket calculator and a Type C-USB adapter have more computing power than the most advanced supercomputer from the year 1969.

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Compared to supercomputers of the 70s, today’s smartphones are even more advanced. Some have more memory than a Nintendo console. In comparison to an earlier computer, smartphones have much more memory and a faster processor. This means that they are better suited for interactive applications and graphics. In comparison, the mainframes of the 70s largely operated in batch mode, produced output, and spent all their time processing data.

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