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Puzzle Tips – Putting Same Color Pieces Together

When assembling a puzzle, the most obvious tip is to start by putting the same-colored pieces together. Color is the easiest way to find pieces that match each other, but there are other tips masstamilan to remember as well. Pay attention to patterns and lines on the pieces. Sometimes a piece may have the same color but is on the wrong side. rizonbayview For example, the same color piece might be on the edge of a bush, window, or wall.

Organize your puzzle pieces by color, shape, or sense of location. Some puzzles may have longer pieces than others, so try to group your pieces by shape as much as possible. login99bet You’ll find that this makes it easier to put the puzzle together later. You can even organize the pieces by knobs or holes. Make sure you have enough space for each piece and that you don’t have to take up too much counter space. Latest Website  naukri24pk

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