What Is A Joint Application In No-Fault Divorce?

The introduction of joint applications was one of the most significant changes that took place. If you and your spouse decide to separate can able to divorce together, known as joint applicants, rather than the one making the application for divorce or civil partnership negation against the other.

This cooperative process encourages more amicable legal separations–the core of the “no-fault” reforms. If both of you have decided to separate, you can get a lawyer on the internet by typing “divorce lawyer near me.”

What is a joint application in no-fault divorce?

You and your ex-spouse will complete the application together. The application is simple and can be filed online. You have to upload the document of your marriage certificate and pay the court fee. Unfortunately, it may not be right to divide the fee between you and your partner when you pay the court–whoever is named “Applicant 1” has to perform the payment. The partners should decide between themselves how to share the cost.

The court will issue the application. You and your ex-spouse will have to confirm the permit of the proceedings within two weeks of receiving the application back from the court. If it is applied online, it can also be done online. 

Both partners must apply for a conditional order 20 weeks after the application is published. The conditional order is the first divorce order or interim. The partners can not divorce at this stage, but if a financial agreement has been agreed upon by both the partners, once they have the conditional order, they can send the agreement ot the court for approval by the judge. 

It is also possible to apply for the conditional order by any one of the partners. It can become necessary if the other partner is not cooperating with the process. If you do this, the conditional order application will be sent ot your ex-spouse so they can get the idea of what is happening. You will become the applicant, and your ex-spouse will become the respondent. 

You can still apply for a joint application as a sole applicant. Your ex-spouse will send a copy of the application. The ex-spouse will have two weeks to send back to the court as a declaration of service, which confirms the court about divorce proceedings. In some application cases, the applicant is responsible for applying for conditional and final orders. 

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