Xfinity Home Powered by xFi is Your Ultimate Home Security Solution

As we know, Xfinity is USA most preferred and favorite internet service provider for many reasons. Besides the speed, what makes it USA’s top choice is the reliability, availability, as well as convenience that is provided. Well, there are several different ways in which Xfinity provides convenience as well as external benefits.

Besides Xfinity internet, Xfinity Home System is a home security service that is also reliable and sells well due to its convenience, and when we power Xfinity Home with the xFi Gateway, it enhances our experience even more. While the Xfinity Home Security system is quite useful on its own, there are several reasons that the xFi-powered Xfinity Home can be your best home security solution. Here is why.

Modern Equipment

First things first, the xFi Gateway is an Advanced technology smart router and modem that matches and keeps up to the requirement of a smart home. As we discussed, Xfinity Home is a smart home security service, it comes with several smart home devices and sensors that keep your home entirely secure. Not only does the xFi Gateway aid the system in that matter, it also matches the devices and is as modern and sleek looking as the rest of your smart home devices.

High Speed Internet

Well, coming towards the more important things, there are multiple factors that you need to keep in mind when you are signing up for a home security system. One of the factors in that matter is a high-speed internet. A fast internet is super important and necessary when you have to make your smart home function smoothly. In that case, the xFi gateway makes sure to provide you with high-speed internet and enhances the signals and speed of your WiFi.

Keeps Your Network Secure

Network security is another factor without which your smart home security might not be very useful. When it comes to security, the xFi Advanced Security dashboard keeps your entire network secure from cybercrimes such as data theft, identity theft, phishing, spyware, malware, as well as different kinds of viruses. It notifies and alerts you of potential threats and in case any of your devices seem to be suspicious, it isolates the device from the rest of the system until it is free of the threat or virus.

Cybercriminals and hackers are very smart these days, so the Advanced Security system that xFi comes with provides you personalized security. You system adapts to your network and its patterns, so even if someone efficiently tries to hack or infect your devices, the xFi Advanced Security will be smart enough to detect it right away.

Keeps Your Network Private

Well, when it comes to network privacy it is important because if your smart home is not safe of the web, there is no point of it because it will be at risk of being hacked and disarmed. In that case, xFi gateway keeps your network private and hidden even from friends and extended family. As you know, even a single infected device can ruin and infect the entire network; your network needs to be super private.

In that case, for your convenience, the xFi gateway provides you with guest hotspots, so that you do not have to expose your private network to even your friends and family’s device.

Keeps the Network in Integration

Well, one thing that disturbs your entire smart home is a lagging internet connection. The xFi gateway provides enhanced WiFi speed and signals and minimizes lag times to zero. This helps all your devices to function in integration no matter how many of them are connected. So, even if all your smart devices are running, until and unless they are powered by the xFi gateway, they will run smoothly in complete integration.

Provides High Coverage

Besides speed and integration, another thing also disturbs the functioning of your device, and that is the dead zones of the house. Well, the xFi gateway is known for its high coverage, so even if you live in a pretty big house, one thing you won’t be worrying about are the WiFi signals. Your xFi gateway will provide high coverage all around the house, and even if you have devices in any dead zones of the house, they will get complete coverage and WiFi signals.

Remote Access

One thing you might be thinking is, how can your remotely access your system while on the go. Well, you can remotely access and view your devices and footages on the go with the Xfinity Home app. You can connect to Xfinity’s outdoor/indoor WiFi hotspots on the go. These hotspots for Xfinity users are installed all over the USA and are entirely safe. You can connect to them through the app and safely access your Xfinity Home’s footage or any other feature without having to worry about network security or privacy.

Helps You Gain Parental Controls

While this might look like a complete home security package, we have another good news for you. The xFi gateway rounds off your home security solution because it also provides you with parental controls to monitor your children’s activities. So, if you have kids at home, you can keep them secure by allowing age appropriate content and turning on safe search. Besides, you can monitor even remotely what your children watch and access on the web. So, if you are a parent, xFi is your ultimate solution.

Final Words

Well, if you are a person who wants to keep his home, internet, as well as children secure you can rent out the xFi gateway along with Xfinity Home and you can enjoy a well-rounded home security package that is also super affordable. Xfinity Internet is affordable because it provides you with great discounts on bundle packages and comes with several benefits and extra perks such as the Xfinity Flex. So, don’t wait and make your home smart and secure now with Xfinity’s Home System as well as xFi gateway.

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